7 Tips for a well-designed lounge



A well-designed lounge can help strengthen your brand experience. Working nomads especially, expect a top-notch lounge with a variety of areas. Sometimes they want to work on a presentation or catch up with clients; other times they just want to relax and enjoy a drink. We have gathered some tips to change your lounge from good to great!

#1 Choose the right lighting

Proper well-thought-out lighting can make a world of difference. That’s why we offer a full range of options, from the arabesque decorative design of BuzziChandelier to the simple functionality of BuzziShade Standing and the majestic BuzziDome—all of which are unique combinations of light with sound absorption. Try clustering BuzziDome as done here to create an acoustic ceiling that visually makes the space smaller while reinforcing the intimate and homey atmosphere that guests desire.

#2 Offer a quiet spot

Sound impacts you to a great extent, sometimes subconsciously. Try to create quiet working zones away from crowded areas or other noisy elements. BuzziVille allows you to develop different areas to work, meet and relax. Or choose a free-standing room divider like BuzziBlinds, BuzziScreen or BuzziFalls Standing to create privacy zones.

#3 Create different experiences

A good lounge offers comfortable seating for different experiences. BuzziMe is built with high-performance, sound-absorbing materials to provide sound control and is ideal in public spaces. The chair can be configured with an optional rotatable tablet on the left or right armrest, creating a convenient surface for work or to rest a beverage. Alternatively, you can go with BuzziCane, which welcomes guests with plush seat and back cushions, perfect for relaxing.

#4 Stay connected

Working nomads are often on the road, but need the essentials of the office, like WiFi and power outlets in transit spaces. Our BuzziPicNic Tables and BuzziVille configurations offer cable box options with power outlets, USB and data connections so you can stay connected wherever you go.

#5 Add a pop of color

Don’t underestimate the power of color: it can boost creativity, happiness, and productivity. Even in the age-old practice of feng shui, colors are used to bring different types of energy into the room. Make the place your own with a unique color palette to fit your company DNA. Use a combination of BuzziTiles or different flexible elements like BuzziBalance or BuzziCube.

#6 Personalize your space

Add personality to your lounge by opting for brand colors, decorate with pictures and inspirational quotes, and experiment with vegetal or kelim rugs. Try mixing some vintage items with modern furniture, like our BuzziCane lounge sofa or go wild with a statement wallpaper like BuzziSkin Printed Camouflage. Alternatively, combine with other acoustic wall applications, for instance, BuzziTab Soft, for added sound absorption.

#7 Go green

Plants are one of the easiest ways to liven up a room. Don’t like maintenance? Choose our BuzziSkin Printed in different greens, BuzziCactus or our newest addition, BuzziMood.

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