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Traditionally, meeting areas were confined to enclosed spaces to limit external noise to a minimum while preventing eavesdroppers from listening in on private conversations. The setup was simple: a conference table, accompanying chairs, a flip chart, or any other tools for presentations.

However, the truth is, there is a variety of alternative meeting setups that might fit your and your employees’ needs even better. Have you thought about that? According to a recent study, surveying professionals’ attitudes towards workplace design and experience, flexibility and adaptability are highly valued among workers—especially in terms of workplace design.

Maybe it’s time to rethink your traditional meeting area to accommodate changes in the workplace? Discover a variety of alternative and flexible setups for small and open spaces below.

#1 Choose your level of privacy

You don’t have to sacrifice your privacy by redesigning the layout of your meeting space. BuzziBracks creates a room within a room, providing the perfect setting for a meeting point in open spaces. The surrounding curtains act as a visual as well as acoustic shield. Easily open and close them to create different levels of privacy and furnish with some of the many accessories or opt for your own favorite interior elements.

#2 Meet without interruptions

Some meetings should be free from disturbances. Meet without interruptions with BuzziVille Hub Open. The foam-upholstered cocoon absorbs sound waves in its entirety, which ultimately result in more internal privacy and less background noise from the surrounding space. Complement the setup with BuzziHub Table: use as a flexible side table to stove away your laptop, your morning coffee, or as extra support for taking notes.

#3 Create a multifunctional setup

If you operate in a small space, you don’t necessarily have to give up the idea of having a meeting area. Rather than a designated meeting point, create a multifunctional setup with one of the configurations of BuzziVille to accommodate different tasks and functions. For instance, outfit with BuzziPicNic Round and BuzziMilk stools for a lightweight look and feel. Don’t forget to add an acoustic lighting source above to shed light on your brilliant ideas in silence.

#4 Group upholstered lounge seaters

Erase your traditional idea of a meeting room and let’s do some out-of-the-box thinking. Group a selection of upholstered lounge seaters, for instance, BuzziMe or BuzziSpark, to organize a space without floor-to-ceiling partitions. The high back and acoustic ears of BuzziMe create a cocoon-like feeling, and when grouped, this notion is even more apparent.

#5 Move up and down

Stand up, sit, move around—up and down with BuzziJungle, inspired by nature. Survey results continuously highlight the importance of bringing the outdoors in. Fostering connections to nature in the workplace isn’t just a design trend but has proven to improve professionals’ well-being directly. BuzziJungle offers an unconventional solution to the conventional meeting setup while leaving an urban footprint in large as well as small spaces.

#6 Stay connected

Disconnect while staying connected. The lower frame height of BuzziBracks provides a space to do just that. Create a small nook to meet with two, three, or four people and gather around the integrated meeting table—one of the latest accessories to join the BuzziBracks family. Complete the setup with flexible acoustic poufs, like BuzziDee, to easily pull out an extra seat whenever an unexpected guest arrives.

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